The Flannel On Story


Flannel On is a proudly South African Company which was founded in the  August of 2020.  
After the founder was retrenched during the world wide Covid pandemic, she needed to find an alternate form of income and a creative outlet.  What better way to solidify an already close bond than to enlist the skill set of her offspring to become a Co-partner who dynamically set the concept in motion. A Mother & Daughter startup brand was born from the old adage: “necessity is the Mother of all creation.”
Combining our skill sets,  we both discovered the importance & satisfaction that unified team work can bring to the fore, as well as the the confidence that is instilled when one feels supported in achieving a goal. Yes there were many frustrations that arose along the way , not only due to differences of opinion but also attributed to the many unexpected delays and let downs that were encountered.


The most important aspect for me in hindsight is that we started.... we simply started with what we had .... we embarked on this joint venture into the unknown not knowing what to expect, but we navigated through it all and Within a mere two months, we made our first sale!
A proud achievement and a testament to what can be accomplished when old school discipline is combined with new age technology.


Why Flannel? I hear you ask!
My daughter and I, although cut from the same cloth, have very different styles of dressing. She is sophisticated and upmarket in her choice of apparel whereas Mamma Bear is much more of a Boho Hippy at heart.
However, both of us are drawn to the Flannel and both of us feel comfortable wearing the plaids.
This in itself highlighted that there was a merging, a blending, an integration of two vastly different spectrums and that in turn meant that the Flannel itself is Timeless!  and far reaching; its popularity and appeal transcends social gaps, gender and age and yet never seems to stagnate.


Flannel is so much more than just a plaid shirt. It is a versatile fabric with a deep history stretching back to the early 16th century.
The word “flannel” itself stems from the Welsh word gwlanen, meaning “woolen article.”


The association between flannel and plaid has led to the use of flannel as a synonym for plaid, however Flannel is not the pattern it is the fabric where plaid is the pattern.


Our Flannel Material has a buffalo plaid pattern which is brushed (napped) on one side  to create extra softness.
Flannel fabric is both easy to wash and wear & most well-known for being durable, comfortable & cozy!


Say what you will about its inferiority to new-fangled lab-created materials — it’ll be around longer than you will.